17 – 26 May


What a World! Authors 4 Oceans: Robin Stevens & Lauren St John with Flossie Donnelly

Sunday, 19 May
€10 / €8 (ADULTS) / €6 (CHILDREN)

Our world is full of remarkable animals and our seas are teaming with life. But how can we look after them? Lauren St John and Robin Stevens from Authors 4 Oceans talk about how they are raising awareness of our seas, and 12 year-old coastal crusader Flossie Donnelly talks about her work on Dublin beaches.

Robin Stevens is the author of the popular and best-selling Murder Most Unladylike series, featuring the exploits of the Wells and Wong Detective Society. Lauren St John writes multi-award-winning The White Giraffe series and the Laura Marlin mysteries. Marine environmentalist Flossie Donnelly from Sandycove started beach cleaning when she discovered how much litter - especially plastic - was building up. Chaired by writer and illustrator Oisín McGann, this event is a must for any family interested in finding out more about our oceans.

‘The future definitely seems just a little brighter… after listening to Flossie Donnelly.’ The Irish Times