17 – 26 May


Speak Up, Speak Out: Adélaïde Bon & Louise O’Neill

Wednesday, 22 May
Alliance Francaise
€12 / €10

French actress, voiceover artist and writer Adélaïde Bon is a new and important voice in the #MeToo conversation. At nine, she was sexually assaulted by a stranger. It was twenty-three years before anyone was charged with her assault, and in 2016, Adélaïde Bon was finally able to confront her rapist in court. Written with poise and passion, Adélaïde Bon’s debut The Little Girl on the Ice Floe shares her shame, rage, and fear - and offers hope for healing. Award-winning Irish author Louise O’Neill’s most recent novel is The Surface Breaks, a feminist re-imagining of The Little Mermaid. The New York Times called her 2015 novel Asking For It ‘riveting and essential’, and The Guardian named her ‘the best YA fiction writer alive today’.

Presented in association with the Embassy of France in Ireland

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