17 – 26 May


Fiction and Migration: Emiliano Monge & Tommy Wieringa

Sunday, 19 May
Smock Alley Theatre
€12 / €10

Described in the Observer as an ‘intense contemporary thriller of multiple exploitations’, Tommy Wieringa’s latest book, The Death of Murat Idrissi, translated from Dutch by Sam Garrett, traces how a wrong turn leads to disaster for two adventurous European women in Morocco. Written in high voltage prose, Among The Lost by Emiliano Monge, translated from Spanish by Frank Wynne, follows a single day in which people are trafficked and brutalised and illegal migrants are cheated of money and dreams even as countless others scrabble to cross the border. In this unnamed land, cruelty is the only currency.

Debates on migration and immigration often ignore the realities experienced by those who have to leave their homes in search of safety, asylum or new opportunities. Emiliano Monge and Tommy Wieringa are two awardwinning writers whose bold, intelligent fiction is unafraid of confronting the ugly realities of migration. In conversation with RTÉ’s Paula Shields

Presented with the support of the Dutch Foundation for Literature