ILFDublin presents Portals

We are very excited to announce a new ILFDublin podcast series, Portals.

Hosted by Caelainn Hogan, Portals takes listeners beyond their radius, through conversations with a half-dozen writers based across the globe, all of whom were scheduled to read at ILFDublin 2020, prior to its postponement.

Guests on the series include Joshua Yaffa, Géraldine Schwarz, Esther Safran Foer, Fernanda Melchor, Rodaan Al Galidi and David Peace.

Ep 1: Joshua Yaffa 
The New Yorker's Moscow correspondent lifts the lid on Putin's Russia. [18 May 2020]

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Between Two Fires

Ep 2: Fernanda Melchor

In this episode, Mexican writer Fernanda Melchor discusses her International Booker Prize-shortlisted novel, 'Hurricane Season', a formidable portrait of Mexico and its demons and a masterpiece of contemporary Latin American literature. [20 May 2020]

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Hurricane Season

Ep 3: Esther Safran Foer

In this episode, speaking from Washington, D.C., Esther Saftan Foer discusses her book 'I Want You to Know We're Still Here' about her search for knowledge about her half-sister and family killed in the Holocaust. [22 May 2020]

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I Want You to Know We're Still Here: A Post-Holocaust Memoir ​​​​​​

Ep 4: David Peace

Speaking to us from Japan, the English writer chats about his latest book 'Patient X' and looks ahead to the publication of the final part of his Tokyo Trilogy [25 May 2020] 

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Patient X
Tokyo Year Zero
Tokyo Redux

Ep 5: Géraldine Schwarz

In this episode, German-French journalist, author and documentary filmmaker Géraldine Schwarz speaks from Berlin about her award-winning book, 'Those Who Forget', a riveting account of her German and French grandparents’ lives during World War II, an in-depth history of Europe’s post-war reckoning with fascism, and an urgent appeal to remember as a defence against today’s rise of far-right nationalism. [27 May 2020]

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Those Who Forget

Ep 6: Rodaan Al Galidi

In this episode, speaking from The Netherlands, Iraqi-Dutch writer Rodaan Al Galidi discusses his book 'Two Blankets, Three Sheets', an inspiring tale of survival, a close-up view into the hidden world of refugees and human smugglers, and a sobering reflection of our times. [29 May 2020]

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Two Blankets, Three Sheets