20 – 29 May


Where Have you Come From, Where Are you Going? An Autobiography in Moments

Sunday, 20 May
St Patricks Park

Where have you come from, where are you going? An autobiography in moments.

Pop-up Workshops at Party in the Park on May 19th & 20th 

A listing of pasts and futures.

With words dedicated to both directions.

Who are you at this moment?

Connections with background and forthcoming.

A few moments to take stock.

Plan ahead.

Making a commitment to tomorrow, based on yesterdays.

Self-declarations shared with others.

Remembered in “notes to self”

Spoken out loud.

People of all ages are invited to take part by creating a ‘Note to Self’ on a handmade collaged paper scroll. These handwritten, autobiographical notes can be made by an individual or can be collectively composed by a family, a couple or a group of friends, and are produced to declare a past and future. The Scrolls will act as portable artworks, reminding participants where they have come from and where they are going and can be taken away by participants or displayed in the environ of St Patrick’s Park. Pamela Whitaker is the founder of Groundswell, a consultancy working in the areas of arts and participation, arts and health, and environmental arts. She is an art therapist, editor and artist who has worked in community, education and social care settings.

*Pop-up at Party in the Park