20 – 29 May


When a Shadow Casts a Shadow

Wednesday, 23 May
UCD Global Lounge

Many people left Ireland in the aftermath of the crash in 2008, some have now returned. Have they changed? Has the city changed? What about their interactions with it?

This event will combine panel discussion, video presentations and audience participation to explore what happens when someone returns having been away. How does their time abroad impact on their relationship to the place they left and can they comfortably assimilate back into life?

With almost 7,000 international students in UCD, UCD International provides support and advice for students throughout their time in UCD. Helping them to navigate and comply with Ireland’s immigration regulations, build a sense of community and facilitate them in finding their voice and telling their own story. UCD Global lounge provides state of the art facilities coupled with a uniques and innovative venue experience. It is available for students and staff to meet up with friend, chill out, surf the internet and attend the many organised events

 “What happened when Alice came Back from Wonderland?” Similarly, many students come to the city to study, fall in love with it and struggle when they go back home, returning to Ireland – there’s an allure that draws them back.