20 – 29 May


The Dublin Story Slam - Dublin

Tuesday, 22 May

In this special ‘Dublin’ themed Story Slam, members of the audience are invited to tell stories inspired by the city they call home. These can be stories that create a strong sense of what Dublin and Dubliners are all about – a unique sense of humour, a sense of community, a proud identity, a rich and colourful past and an ever-changing present. This event will celebrate stories from the city by providing a unique and powerful platform for ordinary Dubliners to get up and share extraordinary true tales. These are the stories you would overhear in a pub or café, unpredictable, unforgettable stories that can still a room in one heartbeat and make it erupt in applause in the next. From life-long locals and visiting tourists to proud blow-ins, Dublin means different things to different people, but this event connects them in a meaningful way that won’t be forgotten in a hurry Storytellers can either sign up in advance by submitting the first line of their story or sign up on the night.

The Dublin Story Slam is an open mic competitive story telling night that runs monthly. Hosted by author and comedian Colm O’Regan, they invite true personal stories from the audience, 4-7 minutes long and inspired by a different theme each month. Selected storytellers will get up onstage and perform their story without notes, with an overall winner chosen at the end of the night. Winners will go on the compete for the title of Grand Slam Champion at the Abbey Theatre this Autumn.

How it works:

Sign up in advance to secure your spot. Simply email the Dublin Story Slam the first line of your story and the first 4 entries will automatically be selected to share their story onstage.  

Sign up on the night. We'll pick 4 more names at random from the hat. Remember if we have more than 8 entries, there's a chance you won't get to tell your story so if you're sure of it, sign up in advance.

After you've told your story, three teams of Judges selected from the audience will score each participant based on the story itself, how well it was told & how it fits the theme. The overall winner then goes on to compete with 7 other Story Slam winners at our Grand Slam in 2018 at The Abbey Theatre.

For more information, please see www.thedublinstoryslam.com