17 – 26 May


Go Wild! Family Art Workshop & Museum Tour - Relaxed Event

Saturday, 18 May
Zoology Building, Trinity College Dublin
€12 / €10 (ADULTS) / €8 (CHILDREN)

Go wild with Aga Grandowicz and Rob Maguire (joined by Margaret-Anne Suggs for the relaxed event). Begin with a family tour of the Zoology Museum in Trinity College Dublin, led by a real life zoologist. After that, Rob will talk about the fascinating Irish animals in his and Aga’s book Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals, and Aga (and Margaret-Anne for the relaxed event) will show you how to draw them.

As a child in Poland, Aga Grandowicz wanted to be a vet but changed her mind and became a graphic designer instead. Rob loves coming up with madcap ideas – such as writing a book about animals, despite being allergic to them. Margaret Anne Suggs is the award-winning illustrator of Pigín of Howth, written by Kathleen Watkins. Don’t miss this unique event for animal-loving families!

In association with Little Island and the Zoology Department, Trinity College, Dublin

Please note this 11am show is a relaxed event, suitable for children on the autism spectrum