17 – 26 May


Clear Bright Future: Paul Mason

Monday, 20 May
O’Reilly Theatre - Belvedere College
€15 / €12.50

Former economics editor of Channel 4 and BBC Newsnight, and author of the Sunday Times bestseller Postcapitalism, Paul Mason is a film-maker, writer and broadcaster on economics and social justice. His latest book Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being, is an agenda-setting reassertion of the rights of humans over machines. A call for resistance against the politicians and corporations who are trying to exert new forms of technological control, Clear Bright Future demonstrates how the dangers society faces are rooted in the purposeful creation of the ‘neoliberal self ’ over the past three decades. He comes to ILFDublin to explain why we must resist and reinvent humanism in a way that allows it to survive attacks against race, gender and reason - the opponents of human rights.